Do not cause the shabbat candles to extinguish

The Sabbath candles should be placed in a place where we will not cause them to be extinguished, not by a window we intend to open, and not by the street door on which opening may cause a wind to blow and extinguish the candles, and we also need to be careful when opening the room door.
If the candles are far from the opening, there is no need to fear the wind, etc.
It is permitted to pass by the candles even though the flame is moving, the movement of the flame does not ignite any more or less oil.

Zimri made the Israelites make an offense. Even though his words were logical – instead of the children of Israel going to hang out at the clubs of the Midian girls, and make two offenses, both prostitution and idolatry, we should compromise – bringing them here, and then there would be only a problem of prostitution, but at least they would not do idolatry.

But Pinchas did not agree with this argument – although peace and love are great things, one can compromise with the husband, the children, the mother-in-law, the friends, everyone, and many issues, but compromising the truth? If it’s not 100% true, then it’s 100% false, and a real person can not live a false life.

Are they going to make two offenses? Let them do it, but at least they know it’s wrong, they know they have something to fix. But if we accept this behavior as a new standard, then no one will ever understand that something is wrong and there will be no hope for improvement!
We often compromise with ourselves, it seems to us that we can not do anything right now, and maybe it’s true, but the problem is that with time we perceive the situation as the new standard, we forget that the goal is much higher. The worst thing is to forget that we did not stop here because we reached the end, but only stopped to rest for a few minutes, but now we have to shake off the compromise and use the fire of life that Ashem put within us to continue to ascend more and more!



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