Hachnasat Orchim (jewish-hospitality)

One of the parts of the mitzvah of charity is hospitality, which can also be held with rich people, and especially with the poor, and not only with money, but also with the body, to accept a person with kindness, to show him that it is pleasant for us that he came, and to respect every person as he deserves, Especially in our days when guests usually have what to eat and where to sleep, the main mitzvah is in the warm relationship.
Even if a cleaning lady or a babysitter comes, it’s a mitzvah to remember to offer her something to drink, etc., and not to remember only when we are thirsty or hungry ourselves.
When guests arrive, it is even more urgent than ever to make the kiddush early on Shabbat, etc. because guests may be hungry.
When the guests leave, we are ordered to accompany them to the door, and some go with them two meters outside the door.
The children of Israel were wrong, they worshiped idolatry. But what is the meaning of this strange idolatry, to do toilet on a statue? Very simply, the motto of this idolatry is to break boundaries. Even in terms of idolatry, bowing to a statue, praying to money and gold, etc., this is the most special, because it breaks boundaries, this work is not like anything else!
The breaching of the borders we see in our generation is not new, it is here from the day of creation of the first person on earth. Indeed, when there is no moral supervision, this causes destruction and negativity, but the source is positive.
The breach of boundaries shows the greatness of man, for if he is the crown of creation, he is above all nature, why should he have boundaries of matter or thought? And this is a real thought, and this is what Ashem has given you as a gift, this inner feeling, I can reach the heavens and even beyond them!
But in life we sometimes fail, sometimes get disappointed, and because it’s an unpleasant feeling, we stop trying, we prefer to stay in the comfort zone, in our safe box … The failures are unpleasant memories, but if we remembered our successes, we wouldn’t have stopped trying. To fail is not scary, not to succeed is not terrible, the fear is to forget the greatness of man. It’s not what the Creator wants from you, and that’s not what you want from yourself!

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