Shehecheyanu when seeing a friend

Anyone who has not seen her friend for more than thirty days says the blessing "Shehecheyanu" when she sees her.
We should only say the blessing about a particularly beloved friend, but if she is a good friend but you're not particularly happy in seeing her, you do not recite the blessing.
It is also necessary to bless if you see a loved one, such as parents, a husband (depending on how many years of marriage ...) or children etc.
Some say that if you were in contact during the period, such as a phone, SMS, etc., you should not bless, and some say that you do bless, because joy is about seeing the face.
In general it is best not to say this blessing because you should be happy to see the other and we are usually busy being preoccupied with all sorts of worries and have no time to be happy, but if you feel happy, you can bless.
It is told that the Maharal of Prague, who was one of the greatest Rabbis 500 years ago, managed to create a golem - thanks to his holiness he simply succeeded in creating a creature that looks like a man and moves and does things.
But it is a much greater wonder to turn a material creature made of flesh and blood into a moral creature capable of stopping itself, even though it may erupt in anger, and can move itself when it really does not have the will... 
Through the Shehecheyanu blessing, sages forced you to recognize that life is not one large stream of events, but rather there is a renewal here, every day is different.
And in your spiritual world, every good deed of yours transforms our material world for the good, except that it buys you rights in the eternal world, and all your overcoming, whether it's your daugthter who did not want to get dressed in the morning when you hurry to work, or this husband who does not understand you, and you sometimes suspect that he might be the golem from Prague, and you really wanted to break into them, how much can you tolerate it ??
But you were silent. And not only did you shut up, but you managed to erase the anger and frustration, along with all the pressure and nerves, you succeeded turning to the God in your heart, and tell him, I know that it's all from you, and everything is for the best, so why should I be angry for?


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