Hachnasat Orchim (jewish-hospitality)

One of the parts of the mitzvah of charity is hospitality, which can also be held with rich people, and especially with the poor, and not only with money, but also with the body, to accept a person with kindness, to show him that it is pleasant for us that he came, and to respect

Hafrashat Challah On Shabbat

On Shabbat, the sages forbade exfoliate challah, and a pastry from which you forgot to take challah is forbidden even to move it because it is muktzeh. Outside of Israel, the sages permitted eating bread and leaving a piece for the end and then taking challah. Therefore, if you forgot to set aside challah abroad,


The sages have fixed that every three people who sit together to eat together must make a summons before saying Birkat Hamazon (for those who do not know – this is a sentence in which we are meant to bless God together). Men and women do not join together for a summons, so if there

Shehecheyanu when seeing a friend

Anyone who has not seen her friend for more than thirty days says the blessing “Shehecheyanu” when she sees her. We should only say the blessing about a particularly beloved friend, but if she is a good friend but you’re not particularly happy in seeing her, you do not recite the blessing. It is also